Our Work

People are sometimes curious about how you put together a piece or group of mosaic wall art, from a technical point of view and an imaginative one. The process of creating mosaic wall art is painstaking and time-consuming, as well as infinitely interesting. Each artistic pursuit has its own unique properties and mosaic art and installation is no exception.

Like a painter, you begin with a blank canvas and an idea. The development of taking small squares of color and piecing them into your final vision is a winding road with unexpected turns at times.

Creative inspiration for large mosaic installations comes from many sources, as it does for most artistic people. You won't be surprised, if you've looked around this site, to hear that we get inspiration from, among other places, our cats. Their surprising ways and beauty is endlessly fascinating.

We often use tiles called Smalti glass tiles, which are among the finest materials you can use for mosaic art. Our particular style lies in combining Smalti glass tiles with stained glass, as can be seen in our large 12' x 8' mosaic wall installation and matching mosaic columns. We feel this combination allows great artistic expression and creates a beautiful balance of textures.

Please contact us to discuss your own dreams and plans. We are sure to have original ideas that will get your sparks going.